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Never before has a massage bed come this close to a manual, therapist-administered massage thanks to the integration of technological innovations without equal.

Medicos auf Schalke

The “MEDICOS auf Schalke” health centre affords their patients ­physical therapy treatments on 2 VelusJet® massage beds.



The “MAN Group” has been using several VelusJet® units for years as a means to provide their staff with preventive health care.

Klinik Dr. Dengler

On average, our VelusJet® massage beds run 8 h/day every week and have proven to be an epitome of reliability. Our customers can enjoy massages lasting 20 minutes. One aspect we find particularly pleasing is the intuitive way the user is guided through the program and the extensive selection of massage types and massage areas.

(Dr. Dengler, successor Gesundheits-Park GmbH)

Parkhotel Rügen

We make the VELUSJET® available to our guests through a coin acceptor. Our customers find operating the bed quick and easy and welcome it as a way to find relaxation after their travels.

Physioplus - Praxis für Physiotherapie

We have made nothing but positive experiences with our VELUSJET®. While some patients prefer to use it for relaxation, other patients have made it part of their medical treatment and usually find relief after only 2 applications per week. Operation is a cinch and can be performed by the customers themselves.

Clever Fit, Fitnessstudio

The VELUSJET® is a phenomenal piece of equipment and an ideal complement to our other offerings. We are highly satisfied and have already started using the VELUSJET® in several of our other gym locations.

Wellness-Café Froschkönig

The VELUSJET® is used with equal appreciation and frequency by my family, my staff members and my customers. The device is crafted with such ingenuity that it even provides relief in diagnosed cases of spinal canal stenosis. The fact that I value the most as a business owner is that the straightforward operation of the VelusJet eliminates the need for assigning additional personnel. I treat my customers to massage programs that last thirty minutes.

Akzent Hotel Goldene Krone

The VELUSJET® is an investment well spent. We have elevated it to an integral part of our hotel offerings and have witnessed an exceedingly positive response from our customers.



The decision to purchase a HydroJet is made quickly. Important features are often not known in advance, so we have prepared a PDF with the key information.


The VelusJet® medical satisfies all medical requirements.

Many medical practitioners have endorsed it as a therapeutically meaningful and economically feasible addition to the services they offer at their practice. In contrast to conventional hydro-jet massage beds, the VelusJet® is also capable of applying complex medical massage techniques without the need for any extra personnel!

The included JetCenter software application allows the user to create their own massage programs with just a few clicks during the initial examination and lets them save the programs to their patient card, directly to the VelusJet® or to a chip. The program can then be retrieved by the patient during the next treatment without any effort and without further assistance.


Generate additional revenue by offering the patients treated at your rehabilitation centre an extra portion of wellness in the evening.

The included JetCenter software turns your hydro-jet massage bed into a device that offers a host of versatile usage options. You could, for instance, grant your patients direct access via the touch display during the day, allowing them to make use of the VelusJet® hydro-jet massages that have been prescribed. Following this period of direct access, you could then, for instance, specify that your VelusJet® medical can only be unlocked with a matching RFID chip or chip card.

The benefit: The additional massages can be attributed and billed to the patient using the JetCenter software application. Better still, the intuitive procedure used to unlock the VelusJet® medical outside of the regular treatment times does away with the need to allocate additional personnel.


The VelusJet® hydro-jet massage complies with all the requirements a qualified medical treatment must meet. Never before has there been a massage bed that so closely resembles a manual massage.

The following is a list of features that make the VelusJet® hydro-jet massage stand out: Contrary to ordinary hydro-jet massage beds, the VelusJet is equipped with two separately controlled high-performance pumps, providing for a range of massage options hitherto unseen in a hydro-jet massage bed. This equipment makes it possible to apply even the most complex medical massage techniques – all without the need for additional staff!

The included and highly intuitive JetCenter software application allows you to assign each patient a massage that is tailored to their specific needs as well as to store it permanently. All the patient needs to do is tap a button on the touch display – and VelusJet® will do the rest!


Standing out is the foremost objective in the contentious market for fitness-related products and services. The VelusJet® hydro-jet massage bed is an ideal match with your subscription customers. The soothing and muscle-relaxing hydro-jet massages are the perfect finishing point for any work-out. You have the option to offer your members a variety of extra massages at a charge or reward loyal members with a free massage as an additional incentive to continue their membership at your gym!

The massages are charged via RFID chips which can be embedded in lanyards or chip cards and attributed to users thanks to the included JetCenter software. Would you like to automatically treat your members to an additional massage on their birthday? Just do it – a piece of cake with VelusJet®!


A sunbath is conducive to your customer’s well-being. Start offering soothing VelusJet® hydro-jet massages to enhance your existing range of services in a manner that is lucrative, fits in well with your other business and, best of all, does not require any additional personnel!

Apart from allowing you to control several VelusJet® massage beds, our JetCenter software lets you accomplish complete customer management. You will literally be able to run an entire massage spa!

You can charge for the ­relaxing massages on a per-minute or monthly basis or as an individual service or package deal – the software offers you a comprehensive range of options. Also a breeze is the process of unlocking the massage bed via a chip card or an RFID chip. If requested, the charges will automatically be billed to a customer account. Even the base model of the VelusJet® comes standard with an interface that allows for the effortless connection of, for instance, a coin acceptor.


Everyone is seeking relaxation. Whether during a massage, cosmetic treatment or a visit to the spa. The VelusJet® hydro-jet massage offers your customers yet another way to enjoy a respite.

Better yet, your customers’ relaxation translates to lucrative extra business for you!

Integrating the hydro-jet massage bed into your business and charging for the hydro-jet massages is as easy as can be: All models of the VelusJet® – including the base model – come with interfaces that allow for the integration of an existing billing system or the effortless connection of a coin acceptor.

Your customers can unlock the VelusJet® by inserting a coin or using a chip card. Once they have unlocked it, the customer can select their massage of choice using an intuitive touch user interface. The self-explanatory operation of the device saves you the trouble of assigning personnel to provide assistance or give instructions.


“In-house health management” and “prevention” are corporate concepts that are increasingly moving to the fore. Only if their employees are healthy, motivated and resilient can a company ­master the challenges they are faced with today.

Preventing such afflictions as burn-out or herniated discs while giving the motivation of the staff a welcome boost, the relaxing ­VelusJet® hydro-jet massages improve the well-being of the ­employees to a significant degree.

Apart from combining gentle water force with soothing warmth, the VelusJet® offers high-performance pumps that can be controlled separately as well as an abundance of massage programs that is unmatched by the competition. Using the bed is a snap: The included software even allows you to treat your staff to a massage and define the massage duration separately for each employee. Staff members merely have to log in at the VelusJet® and enjoy their allotted time using a chip card or a transponder.


As a hotel owner you are aware of how much your guests enjoy every little bit of relaxation. The VelusJet® is a means that lets you offer them exactly that – without the need to employ additional staff. This is because your guests will be able to use the hydro-jet massage bed all by themselves.

An aspect that benefits you, too: If you offer the use of the ­VelusJet® as an add-on service, you can conveniently charge the massage to the room bill – with minute-by-minute accuracy. Since the VelusJet® can be unlocked with ease using an existing ­locking system, e.g. a chip card, you can even keep an eye on the massages that are included in the room rate thanks to the included JetCenter software.

What is more, you can even use a conventional locking system to offer a variety of massage programs.


  • Gentle smoothing-out massage
  • Crescent massage
  • Circular massage
  • Parallel massage (paravertebral)
  • Counter-rotating massage
  • Acupressure massage (trigger point massage)
  • Pulsing massage



  • Back and joint pain
  • Muscle tensions (myogeloses)
  • Shoulder girdle tension
  • Cervical migraine
  • Vegetative dystonia
  • Symptoms related to stress
  • Mental exhaustion
  • Non-inflammatory rheumatic disorders
  • Minor forms of fibromyalgia
  • Muscular fatigue
  • Reversible disorders of the spine
  • Cervical spine, thoracic spine and lumbar disc syndrome
  • Muscular imbalance





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